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How a world health pandemic ignited a student based moving and storing service. 💡

When the COVID-19 pandemic arose, there were plenty of students suffering from the same problem. This exceptional situation made them leave Madrid, the city where they were studying, in order to return back to their home countries. Soon, they realized that they had been paying rent for several months without even making use of their homes/residences and now they were facing the following question: is it more convenient for me to travel back to Madrid in order to gather my belongings or should I extend my rental contract until the next school year?

Wenyang and Alvaro, Co-Founders of the company, faced this issue through several of their close friends and thought, “there has to be an easier way out”. It didn’t take them long to realize that, since both of them lived regularly in Madrid, help could be offered to those in need. That is why they started offering the service to their close friends, which included: pick up, packing and storing of the belongings during the summer time. This service served their pain point perfectly and, consequently, word of mouth spread fairly quickly among the campus. The Moving Company started gaining momentum and, through hard work and determination, the company successfully helped +60 customers in just 2 months.

8 months after that, the co-founders were extremely satisfied with the results achieved. Nonetheless, they were quite eager to find out whether this service could maintain traction as well without pandemic conditions. To our surprise, we soon realized that more and more people were interested in hiring us and it did not take them long to surpass the number of customers achieved in the previous year. Newly improved processes and services helped them gain further customer base in Segovia, surpassing the +150 customer per ‘season’ benchmark.

Fast-forward to today, the team is making efforts into enhancing the customer experience through seamless web automations and agile transportations. They are doubling down on their processes in order to make the overall customer experience easier, faster and more convenient for all the students.

Their next benchmark?📈

Achieving +200 customers in the 2022 season

Curious to know more about us? Contact us through any of our official channels and we will be happy to respond!

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