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Who are we?

An innovative and newly established business that aims at providing international students with efficient solutions during their college years. 

We believe that the traditional moving industry is doomed and extremely outdated. High prices, low efficiency and, more importantly, services not tailored towards the different customers, are the problems that we are tackling. For all these reasons, The Moving Company tailors all their efforts at eradicating these problems by focusing exclusively on students.

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Our Story

The Moving Company had its startings during the lockdowns due to Covid-19 in March 2020. We identified the need of moving out of apartments due to high rent prices from international students who were not even using the apartments. 


Most of the students from several universities trusted us to access their homes in order to pack their belongings and store them away while they were in their home countries and save them a lot of money by doing so. 


95% of the students were really satisfied and happy with the services we provided them during the pandemic and a big majority decided to trust us again for the following year. 


Since 2020, The Moving Company has since then grown to over 200 services performed just in 2 consecutive summers and is constantly seeking to improve its services to help out as many students as possible. 


The reason why we have been able to succeed in understanding our customer base is that we ourselves are students too, being able to see firsthand what students struggle with the most. 

Image of one of the co-founders

Álvaro Bermejo Morcillo

Co - Founder

Operations & Financial Manager

Image of one of the co-founders

Wenyang Chen

Co - Founder

Sales & Marketing Manager

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The Team

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