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  • What kind of services do we offer?
    The Moving Company offers tailored moving services for any person who is looking to leave the country for a period of time while their belongings are being taken care of through our storage services, or looking for a solution to shipping some of the belongings to either their home countries or their next exchange or travel destination. The Moving Company will take care of all moving headaches for you when leaving or arriving at your destination!
  • Do I really need assistance from a moving company?
    Most students struggle to move belongings for two main reasons, the lack of means of transport or the amount of belongings that have to be moved. With our services, The Moving Company is able to provide both transportation for all the belongings to your next apartment and in a quarter of what would have taken the student to move everything thanks to our movers who have long experience in the moving world!
  • Do I need to be present during the move?
    Only if you can or want to! The Moving Company has been characterized for their flexibility in movings. During the pandemic, most of the students were on their home countries and this limited their ability to being present during movings. However, if you have other appointments to attend or are abroad, our movers can always perform a videocall during the entire process to give the necessary instructions!
  • Will insurance be included in my moving?
    The Moving Company services includes an insurance of up to 200.00€ for any of the damages caused during all processes where your belongings are being held or moved by us. More detailed information is given on the contract!
  • Are there any extra fees I need to be aware of?
    As said around the webpage, we do not come up with any extra fees during the process. We do not like surprise fees either! All fees will be described in the contract before the realization of the service.
  • How is the cost of my shipment calculated?
    The cost of the shipment can vary widely depending on many factors. Destination, Number of boxes, Weight, Dimensions, and many more. However, our team will be more than happy to get you the fairest price from our worldwide trusted couriers.
  • What can’t we ship/store?
    The Moving Company complies at all times with Spanish laws for storing policies and international shipping laws during any shipping service. That is why any illegal / prohibited will be expressly prohibited during the realization of any of the services, having the right to cancel a contract if a prohibited or illegal item were to be found. For more information visit:
  • Where is everything stored?
    The Moving Company counts several warehouses across Madrid and Segovia were items are stored. These facilities count with 24/7 surveillance and active alarm systems where everything will be protected at all times.
  • How will I know where my shipment is once it leaves my home?
    After the pick up phase done by one of our partners, The Moving Company will send you a tracking number for your parcel where you will be able to locate your packages at all times.
  • Is the loading and unloading included in the price?
    Yes, unless expressed by any of the parties! During pick up and delivery services, loading and unloading is included in all points of the service.
  • What information and paperwork is the mover required to provide?
    We know that students hate paperwork. During the closing of the contract, the customer will only be required to provide a legal name and ID Number or NIE, a legal address and a signature! As simple as that!

For more information about our moving or relocation services, do not hesitate on contacting us!

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