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Updated: May 10, 2022

Choosing the right set of boxes for moving will be essential to protect your belongings in the boxes.

We know that movings can become notably stressful when it comes packing your belongings. It is for this reason that we created the following list of box suppliers that will ensure full protection for your belongings and will help you towards your packing!


Local Store

  • Correos: local correos offices have boxes. Look for ones of similar measurements

  • Seur: head to any local Seur office, and they will provide you with boxes of all sizes!


Make sure that if you buy your boxes in other places, these should be built with 2 walls or at least 1 ½ walls to ensure they do not fall apart or break!

These boxes are single-layered and are not suitable for movings as they usually tear apart while handling them, and can cause damage on your belongings!

Single walls are really fragile and should only be used for small and light-weighted items!

To learn about packing tips, click HERE!

Got any more doubts? Contact us through any of our channels and we'll be happy to help.😊

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