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Stress-free Moving & Storage Experiences

Save time and energy with the easiest relocation solution in Madrid & Segovia

  • Storage with pick up and delivery

  • No surprise pricing

  • Easier than self-storage

We Pick Up, Store,

Safe and efficient transportation of your items to our warehouse

No Surprise Pricing

We offer upfront, accurate service pricing, so you know exactly what you'll pay. 

Madrid & Segovia

We can efficiently provide services among these two cities!

Clean and Secure

Your items are safe within our 24/7 surveilled warehouses.

Upfront Pricing for Moving & Storage Services

We eliminate surprises by removing the guesswork. We don't charge based on hourly moving fees so that you'll know exactly how much you'll pay. We charge a monthly rate for storage, with no term commitments.

Our services

Storage (w/ PickUp & Delivery)

Hassle-free storage service with no term commitments. Tailored plans depending on volume. Door-to-door service.

Whatsapp Chat Screenshot with conversation example

On-demand contact, right from your fingertips.

Schedule effortlessly

Communicate with us through Whatsapp or any of our official channels.

Perfect for storing:

  • Boxes

  • Books

  • Suitcases

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Veng Sam


Honestly, I wouldn't know what to do if it weren't for The Moving Company. My Spanish isn't the best and finding another...

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Anora Sweeney


Super great experience, the team was super great and upon move in they carried all our boxes up four flights of stairs...

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Sofia Platanova


Excellent and professional storage service, starting from contracting the service up until the delivery. Very attentive to...

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Florin Sirbu


Thank you for having me on your agenda for this Segovia to Madrid relocation. Young, smartly managed service that...

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