Terms & Conditions

General Conditions 


First.- The moving service is classified as a moving, transport of belongings between addresses, whether in national territory, which in this case is Spain or other territories that are agreed with the customer through various means of transport and including the services of packing, dismantling, loading, moving, storing, delivering and other activities required for the type of service depending on the customers’ need. The service won’t be understood as completed until the delivery of belongings has been delivered to the delivery address through the conditions agreed. 


Second.- The service hired by the customer will be carried out following schedule and any delays or not agreed on events beforehand caused by the customer will be the responsibility of the customer and will consequently be the party charged for the costs originated from the incident. 




Third.- THE MOVING COMPANY SL agrees to perform the services with the set price, where both parties have signed and agreed to the conditions set above. 


The payment method option is the one selected above by the customer on the contract, however, there is a possibility of an increase in the price as explained in section FOURTH.  


If a contract is desired to be extended by the customer, the amount to be fulfilled will be proportionate to the prices already agreed on the service estimation. 


Fourth.- Any costs necessary for the realization of the service will be incurred by THE MOVING COMPANY SL. This is understood as materials, transportation, administrative and personnel cost, tolls, and any other resource necessary for the completion of the service. 


At the same time, additional costs external to THE MOVING COMPANY SL caused will be the responsibility of the client and therefore being reimbursed by said party. These external factors can be understood as delays of more than half an hour when picking up or the modification of the pick-up time, without any warning of at least 12 hours ahead. 


Other charges, such as payment delays will be also subject to an extra cost to the customer if THE MOVING SL considers it to be . The amount set for this penalization will be 30€ for any service and from there on an extra 5% charge if, after 3 warnings, the customer hasn’t proceeded with the corresponding payment. This can be applied to unjustified payment delays of more than 1 week or any other circumstance that hasn’t been warned to the service provider beforehand. 




Fifth.-  THE MOVING COMPANY SL compromises the realization of an inventory list with the belongings picked up. 


If THE MOVING COMPANY SL finds any damaged property at the time of the pick-up, it will be notified to the customer before subject to manipulation. 


However, THE MOVING COMPANY SL will not be held liable for any damages caused by any mispackaging by the customer. 




Sixth.- THE MOVING COMPANY SL agrees to offer insurance on the belongings that have been agreed on the contract, for a value up to ONE THOUSAND EUROS (1,000.00€) in the case that any object has been damaged by the service provider during any time at the realization of the service.


In case the personal belongings have been damaged at any moment under our custody, at any time of the service, THE MOVING COMPANY SL compromises to come to an agreement with the customer to explore alternatives through reimbursement of the values damaged or other options.  




Seventh.- Once the belongings have been collected, the customer will have the right to claim any lost or damaged belongings in a 72-hour time frame. Once transcurred that time frame, the service provider will not be held responsible for any incident occurring to the belongings. 




Eighth.- The termination of the contract by the customer side, or by the convenience of the company, will give place to an extra surplus to the party harmed. Said surplus will be the ONE TENTH (10%) of 

the price set for the moving service If any of the parties are notified with a 3 day or less anticipation.

In the case that the notification is produced with more than 3 days of anticipation, no party will be responsible for the reimbursement of the surplus. 




Ninth.- The personal data provided by the customer to the company, throughout the entire process will be treated by THE MOVING COMPANY SL for logistics and service-oriented purposes only. THE MOVING COMPANY SL will be the only party involved in the manipulation of this data. However, the customer will have the right to access the data preserved by the company as well as its exploration or modification. 



Tenth.- This agreement shall be governed by Spanish Law. The parties shall submit any legal dispute relating to the interpretation and/or performance of this agreement to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.